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Where Do I Belong?

When I was first laid-off in March of 2011 and started looking for work, I concentrated on applying for permanent, full-time positions. As time passed, I widened my search to include full-time contracts. As more time passed since I had a full-time position, I threw temporary jobs into the mix as well.

Then in the midst of all that job hunting, a freelance opportunity arose. And gradually, that one client became two, then three, then four. Along the way, in addition to these regular clients, I picked up some one-time freelancing assignments. I got really excited about building a freelance business. Possibilities floated around my brain – I think business cards; I think professionally done business website; I think blog focussing on freelance-related issues. But then my freelance endeavor started to shrink instead of grow. I put out feelers ; other entrepreneurs and freelancers all assured me that it takes time for a freelancer to establish him or herself. Back down to one client, I redoubled my job search efforts. Since January of this year, I included part-time jobs as well. I figured it will bring in some income while I  pursue more freelance clients.

From the beginning of this interesting freelance journey, I wondered if I belonged in a corporate environment. A part of me needs the security of a regular paycheck and the 9 to 5 structure that forms a typical day working for a company. But another part of me really enjoys working from home and having the freedom to shape my day the way I choose. I like the other benefits of freelancing, including quality of work, casual attire and not having to commute. And because I’m not particularly adept at it, I especially enjoy not having to deal with office politics.

I’m still flirting with the idea of returning full-time to a corporate environment. But maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll land something part-time that will allow me to enjoy the best of both worlds.


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