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The Miracle of Baking Cookies

Yesterday, seeing a friend online, I sent her an IM asking her if she felt like meeting for coffee or a late lunch. CR said sure. She was actually downtown near where I lived, getting her hair done. Could I meet her in half an hour? Since we were both hungry, we decided on a late lunch rather than just coffee. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant in East Vancouver, feasting on tacos and sharing a quesadilla.

By this time, it was more early evening than late afternoon. CR explained that because her husband had something to do that evening, she planned to make cookies with her kids and then watch a movie. I was welcome to join them if I didn’t have to be somewhere else. So that was how I discovered the miraculous process of baking two batches of cookies.

Tasting Cookie Batter

First miracle: You need at least one child, preferably two to help you if you want the cookies to taste any good (CR’s son and daughter both helped – a lot!).

Second miracle: No matter how many times you taste test the batter, there’s still plenty left over to actually make cookies.

Third miracle: One of the batches of cookies magically metamorphosed into cupcakes (daughter changed her mind about what she wanted to bake).

Fourth miracle: If you put on your sister’s princess tiara while waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven, they will bake much faster.

Making cookies wearing tiara


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