Not Off to a Good Start

At the end of November, the sound on my computer magically disappeared – I logged off the night before and in the morning when I turned the computer on, I didn’t hear the Microsoft signature tune. At first I simply thought that I had missed it (after I turn the computer on, I head for the coffee maker). But after trying several youtube favourites, it finally occurred to me that it really was broken.

I tried troubleshooting it myself, but no luck. I decided to live with it, even though I really missed the computer sound system for related job interview tips. (I kept hoping the it would magically reappear just as easily as it went missing). When I couldn’t live with it any more, I called a computer repair business that makes house calls, and one of the techies arrived on April 9th. I told him about some other little computer problems I was experiencing, including how the monitor tries to jump out of its frame every now and then. His response was that when things “just happen” it’s not good and are typically signs that it needs replacing. After examining the tower, he did say that it’s in okay shape, but since my operating system is Windows XP, it probably would be a good idea to replace everything at the same time.

On the weekend, my jumping monitor syndrome became worse. I have to keep adjusting the resolution; I have limited knowledge about these things but the fact that it won’t keep its setting says “OS” to me. So today I set off to a place that sells computers. We got off to a rocky start. I said I wanted a new computer but didn’t want “OS 8.” I meant to say Windows 8 – it’s an operating system right? Apparently so is OS 8 – after getting a lecture on on old Mac operating system from the 90s, I was ready to pack it in. (Any salespeople reading this, a little tip – my pique could have been avoided by a simple question “Are in the market for a PC or a Mac?”) He kept reiterating that it would have to be special-ordered, didn’t show me anything, and seemed reluctant to outline other options. In the end, I walked out the door without even seeing what was available to me.

It wasn’t a total loss; I went to the grocery store across the street and came home with some fresh sole that was on sale. It was pretty good (if I may say so myself). We will try shopping for a new computer again tomorrow.


2 comments on “Not Off to a Good Start

  1. umm…I’m gonna be busy for a day or two. But I know computers. First advice is to reinstall your OS. Then browse the internet using Firefox with noscript and adblock. Then look at hardware. Geez. You spent money on some house call guy? Oh well.

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