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Coffee, Clary and Cleaning

I’m done. Finally. You’d think that working from home would give me plenty of time for house cleaning, but that’s not been my reality. What with the stress of trying to find full-time work combined with my own writing goals and attempts at expanding my freelance business, vacuuming and dusting are low on my priority totem pole. But today I just got so fed up with the mess that I was determined to give my place a thorough cleaning or else!

So I made a pot of coffee in the vintage yellow Empire coffee percolator (I even have the original box that it came in – forget it, any of you collectors out there; don’t even ask cuz I’m not selling) I took from my dad’s apartment when my sister and I were clearing it out, selected a book from the three I am currently in the process of reading and picked a room to start in, which happened to be the bedroom only because I could write my name in the dust of my writing desk.

Empire 4-cup Percolator

The coffee and the book are bribes.  I usually limit myself to one cup of coffee, even during the weekend. Since I’m the only one drinking it, the purpose of making multiple cups of coffee is self-explanatory. My friend CM recently introduced me to The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, a series of books comparable to Harry Potter but different in all the important ways (the protagonist is a human (mundane) 15-year old girl; the setting is New York; and she’s not an orphan). For every 25 minutes of cleaning, I would take a book break and read about Clary and her adventures with Jace and the gang.

Anyway, by the time I hit the couch to watch The Borgias and then Mad Men the place was shiny and new again. And Clary is dreaming that she’s dancing with Simon by a fountain.


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