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What’s Shaken on Davie Street

Yesterday afternoon I went to check out the What’s Shaken Milkshake Bar on Davie Street. A couple of weeks ago someone posted on Facebook that a coworker from my last place of employment was part of this new venture. While I didn’t make it to the Grand Opening, I’ve wanted to check it out ever since.

Milkshake Bar on Davie

Xiomara, owner, and me with a Tropical Bliss shake

What’s Shaken is actually the brain child of Xionmara (the “x” is pronounced as an “s”) Lopez. When she couldn’t find a place in Vancouver that made a really good milkshake with ice cream (not soft serve), she started her own business. Using the 1950s milkshake parlor as a starting point for her vision of a modern day enterprise that specializes in gourmet and custom milkshakes, Xionmara’s What’s Shaken Milkshake Bar is bright and cheerful. Placed in front of the window facing the park, a counter with stools offers a great place to sit and sip while enjoying the view.

Not just traditional shake flavours and fruit combinations, Whats Shaken also offer a variety of vegetable and cereal shakes as well. I was curious – according to two of their servers, they have made three cereal milkshakes this past week alone. While I was talking to Bobby (the coworker I knew), I was given a sample of their Strawberry Banana (dairy) shake. And I (finally) ordered the Tropical Bliss milkshake (pineapple coconut ice cream, orange juice, mangos, pineapple) in the snack size. It was very delicious and totally reminded me of a homemade shake you’d whip up for yourself on a hot summer’s day.

Whats Shanken on Davie Street

Bobby in front of the signature What’s Shaken wall

The milkshake bar features both dairy and dairy-free ice cream and boasts over 1001 flavours, including possible custom shake combos. (The first thing I did when I walked in was to ask Bobby to name all 1001 flavours.) I love the fact that there is a snack size – I could treat myself and not feel guilty. I kept saying that I wanted to lick the inside of the cup. I actually wasn’t joking – the shake really was that good.

What's Shaken on Urbanspoon


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