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Easing Myself into the 21st Century

When I changed my long distance phone plan to a more economical one, I also received one free feature, so I chose voice mail. In a recent email to my sister, I explained that I have officially retired the answering machine that she gave me for Christmas in either 1993 or 1994 during my first real unemployment drought I experienced after being pink-slipped from Transcona-Springfield School Division. Yes, I possess technophobe tendencies.

But today I further eased myself into the 21st century when bought a cordless phone. I have been using a plain vanilla phone, a basic push-button one that I purchased my third or fourth year in Vancouver. No caller ID, no call forwarding, no digital display of any kind.  I just got tired of being stuck in one place when I was talking on the phone, especially when I want to be at the computer as the same time. I had a cordless phone once – it was either me really being a technophobe or the unit was defective or something – but it always seemed to need batteries or wasn’t working the way it was supposed to.

When I went out today to do errands, I actually went to buy batteries. My sister gave me this nifty neck massager you can use in the bathtub, but it needs four and I didn’t have any. Then how did I end up with a cordless phone and a new mouse? They were on sale, of course. (And so were the batteries.)

And I’m not procrastinating either. It’s not only out of the box but it’s also assembled and working, charging as we speak.


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