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Rethinking the Tummy Table – Trial Run

After discovering we had the same habit of using our stomachs as a resting place for a mystery novel and a bag of munchies, a friend and I joked that we could never lose weight or we’d lose our tummy tables. This week, though, I lost one pound and I intend on keeping on until my cute old tummy table is history.

At this point in my life, it’s not even about weight loss, healthy or otherwise. It’s more about balance and just feeling better. I dusted off my mother’s Weight Watcher’s exchange food plan and committed myself to following it for the five weeks outlined in the booklets. I’m probably violating a secret Weight Watcher’s code, but money’s tight and as much as I’d like to join, I’m stuck with improvising. This past week I treated as a trial run – I committed to doing the week one plan but gave myself permission to not follow it verbatim.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been treating myself as my own client, working on my novel as diligently as I would writing copy for a paying customer. I’ve had good writing days (I write without noticing the time, totally engrossed) and bad writing days (every word I write is like pulling teeth). This past week as I loosely followed this diet, guess what? I didn’t experience a single bad writing day.

It brought to mind a book I had read several years ago on how to write a novel – the author spent an entire chapter on healthy eating and exercising. I remember thinking at the time, what does that have to do with writing? But of course, everything is connected – I am not as energetic or focused (about anything, not just writing) if I’ve overeaten or skipped a meal.

My Biggest Challenge

Keeping to scheduled meal times so that I don’t get too hungry.

What Worked for Me

  • Giving myself permission to eat if I was hungry – of course that did not mean indulging in a 3-scoop ice cream sundae; I had to be sensible about it
  • Focusing on changing specific eating habits I have fallen into over the years
  • Not beating myself up if I fall back into bad eating habits

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