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Rainy Thursday at the Art Gallery

Featuring local Vancouver Artists

My friend S. flew in from Montreal at the beginning of this week for a visit during her spring break. We spent Thursday afternoon together. Seeing S. is usually an adventure, largely due to the fact that we go to places I wouldn’t normally go on my own. This time were were off to an art show, Uncovered Vancouver, organized by students of the Visual College of Art and Design to raise funds for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC).

When we arrived at the place where the exhibition was being held, there were a handful of the 13 organizers and us. But not for long – by the time we left, about 45 minutes later, the temporary gallery had attracted a few more people.

Bridge Pictures Uncouver Vancouver

In addition to raising funds for DEWC, the organizers hoped to bring exposure to local emerging artists. The goal was to sell all 26 pieces of original artwork, priced from $100 to $250, in one day. They seemed off to a great start – when we were there, the four pieces that I would have bought if I had had the funds were already sold.

Art Show Downtown Eastside

After S. and I left the art show, we went to Perch on East Hastings for a late lunch and some serious catching up. It was like an addendum to the exhibit we had just left – the restaurant featured original works by K. V. Erickson.

It still amazes me how different the city looks on a rainy day. But when you spend the time with a good friend, I guess the weather doesn’t really matter.


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