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Declaration of Independence

For the past month I have been unfocused and not happy about it. While the New Year started off great, something happened that left me unmotivated and without a compass. Having another birthday didn’t help; it made me realize I was dealing with exactly the same issues that I was struggling with this time last year: still looking for full-time employment; still trying to finish my novel; still attempting to find balance.

Then on Feb. 22, I answered a Craigslist ad for a freelance writer. I was given five articles and a deadline. On Feb. 27, in reply to an email I sent asking for confirmation regarding the original five articles I was assigned, the person sent me three keyword phrases. I assumed they were connected to the assignment. However,when writing the first article, I didn’t see how the keywords applied.

Because I hadn’t included the keywords this person sent, when I submitted the finished article, I expected feedback, enough to make the appropriate changes. Instead, on Mar. 3, the employer asked if I had received the Feb. 27 email. I replied that I had, and then I explained that, when doing research, the keywords didn’t apply to the services being offered. He apologized for the mix-up but admitted that he had reassigned the five articles to someone else, and the keywords he sent were actually three new articles.

Even though I did get paid, I was angry about my latest little freelance writing adventure. I’m very talented, but I have to confess that my skill sets do not include ESP. I think it’s a culmination of birthday milestone hangover; being disappointed by a new client; and just a general feeling of being stuck and not as productive as I think I should be. The result is I’m tired of it. And I intend on doing something about it.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to become my own client: the 10 hours per week I was going to spend on this ex-client’s copy, I am now going to spend on my novel. Nothing else is going to change – my daily freelance writing and job hunting schedule will remain the same; the only difference is my work day will be a little longer by two hours and my TV time a little shorter. I’ll keep you posted…


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