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Wodge of Opportunity

Wodge is my new word for the day. I discovered it in a book I am currently reading and it tasted so delicious, I’ll let you have the pleasure of looking it up and finding out for yourself what it means. At first I thought it was a typo for “wedge”, but no, “wodge” is an actual word.

I woke up early to finish prepping for an 11 a.m. job interview, with that deja vu feeling – yes, it is a new year but nothing much has changed (here we go again, another job interview). It was a surprise to me that the day presented a wodge of opportunity in the midst of my continued state of unemployment and (seemingly) never-ending job search. But when I arrived at the meeting, I was interviewed by two women I really enjoyed meeting: one possessed the most beautiful smile I had ever seen; the other continually stated opinions that hinted that we might share similar views regarding work ethic and the pursuit of knowledge.

Usually on a job interview day, that’s the only thing I can think about until it’s done and I have returned home. But this morning I was determined to do my 15-minute exercise routine, even if it cut into job interview prep time. I realize it’s only day number 3 into the new year and that it takes 21 days for a new habit to take; regardless, I still feel pleased with myself. While it might not sound like it, I’m listing it as an opportunity because I know myself well enough to realize that I probably would be less inclined to exercise later on in the day or again tomorrow if I had skipped this morning.

Then an hour into computer time after arriving home, the phone rings. They would like me to interview for a job I applied for in late December. Like I said, the day has been a wodge of opportunity.


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