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Proud Owner of a Christmas Wreath

I have always wanted a Christmas wreath ever since I moved to Vancouver and into this apartment. Alex, my neighbour across the hall, puts one up every year that his sister in Montreal made for him. Not that it’s a competition or anything but I’ve wanted to buy a Christmas wreath (I’m not a crafts person) that would make a statement (even if it wasn’t homemade).

Unadorned Christmas Wreath

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I already was a proud owner of a Christmas wreath. Remember when I cleaned out my storage locker? That’s when I found the wreath Lisa’s daughter made for me about four or five years ago. Because I don’t usually spend time putting up Christmas decorations when I plan on going to Winnipeg for the holidays, I totally forgot about the wreath CM (she is a crafts person) gave me as a gift. Since I’m planning on staying around Vancouver for the holidays, I made a promise to myself to hang it up this year.

I personalized it a little – but not much. I wound strips of red book binding tape around the top of the hanger and then used pliers to bend it into a loop. (Please don’t ask me why I have red book binding tape in my possession – I don’t want to have to lie or confess.) Then I added some Christmas decorations – I’m particularly fond of the gold train and the octopus Santa. No procrastinating today; it’s already gracing my apartment door.

Christmas Wreath on my Apartment Door

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