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Opening Another Box from Winnipeg

I wasn’t going to open any more of the boxes of memorabilia that arrived from Winnipeg during the second week of October. After opening up one box that ended up containing my father’s collection of Churchill and Le Carré books, I neatly stacked the remaining four boxes in my hall walk-in closet. I planned on pulling out one at a time whenever I got a little free time.

Of course the procrastinator in me kept procrastinating and the closer the calendar crept toward December, I decided to leave the rest until after the New Year. I didn’t want to have to deal with any more mess on top of getting out the Christmas decorations. Earlier today, I had been working on some copywriting deadlines, and once the pieces were done, I thought I’d get started on decorating the apartment for Christmas. However, I didn’t want to make the trip downstairs to my storage locker, so I opened up one of the Winnipeg boxes. Yes, I know…female logic, but it’s just the kind of day it turned out to be.

Anyway, I unpacked 27 boxes of slides; bundles of pictures; a select few of VHS movies; more books, including a stray John le Carré. I’m happy that I have been reunited with the picture of my dad at the age of 14 as an usher in one of the theatres in London. The little oval frame sat on one of the end tables in the living room of our family home for as long as I could remember. I didn’t even procrastinate – 45 minutes from the time I lifted a flap of the cardboard box to collapsing it in preparation of recycling, I found a place for everything, even the miniature pair of snazzy plastic dress shoes.

Memories from Winnipeg


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