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All Aboard Canada Line to YVR

When Vancouver urban planners first talked about the Canada Line, part of the Sky Train system that would travel from downtown Vancouver to Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, BC, I thought I would use it all the time. However, it turns out that whenever I fly out of YVR, I always take a taxi to the airport. I just find it easier to call a cab, order the ride for the time I need it, get picked up and then driven directly to the terminal.

Too easy! But it is 10 times (literally) more expensive per one-way trip than the public transit fare. Flying into Vancouver International Airport this past summer returning home from my niece’s wedding, I entertained the thought of taking the train briefly (very briefly), but my feet hurt too much. (New shoes bought for dress to wear at wedding – need I say more?) Since yesterday was a sunny Saturday and I didn’t have anything planned, I decided to check it out.

I arrived at YVR in under 45 minutes. Anyone I spotted with luggage I watched to see what they did. What I noticed right away was the size of their bags – most people had rolling luggage that was roughly one third smaller than my current suitcase. I’d definitely have to pack smarter and leave a little earlier, but the next time I have to fly somewhere, I think it’ll be worth it to save the cab fare.

After getting off the Canada Line at Vancouver Airport, I decided to wander around the International Terminal since I was already quite familiar with the Domestic Terminal. I had seen pictures of Bill Reid’s statue of The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe but never in person until yesterday.

Jade Canoe by Bill Reid

While the International Terminal had different stores and more restaurants, I couldn’t really see any airplanes until I wandered by accident into the Domestic Terminal Observation area. Still couldn’t get a good enough view of a plane to take its picture. But on my way back to the Canada Line station, the tower as it appeared between two sections of the glass walkway caught my eye.

Vancouver International Airport

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