At Vancouver Home and Design Show 2012

Vancouver Home Show Overview

This past Sunday, I attended the Vancouver Home and Design Show. I had never been to one before and I must confess, I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. Since I love furniture and I’ve always been a closet nester,  I pretty much spent the day in interior design heaven, being inspired to make my living space even better.

Vancouver Home Show

I didn’t really have anything I particularly wanted to see, so I wandered around and looked at all the different booths and speakers until I found something interesting. I sat down in one of the chairs to rest for a bit and there he was, Chef Rob Feenie with his younger son, cooking sable fish.

After the cooking demonstration, I chatted with a gentleman from Personal Sleep Solutions selling organic pillows that won’t make you wake up with headaches in the morning like cheaper pillows processed with a whole bunch of chemicals that you don’t want to know about might. The BChydro Power Smart Home was especially illuminating – I entertained the young woman conducting the mini tour with my recent light bulb adventure. Before she went on stage, I even got to speak briefly with Vancouver designer, Maria Killam, whose blog I became very familiar with when I was blogging about furniture for a previous employer. I still follow her blog, Colour me Happy.

At Vancouver Home Show

I saw many other interesting things including a stove-in-a-can, emergency shelters in the shape of yurts, and traditional furniture pieces I felt compelled to take home with me. However, when I started to run out of steam, it turned out that my last stop of the day was the small condo just under 300 sq. ft. This complete all-in-one living area creatively uses space to its maximum advantage. Of course, the bathroom is enclosed but everything else is out in the open. When it’s bedtime, the dining table folds up into the wall as the bed pulls down. The sofa in the living room retracts and becomes an extra sleeping space or a work/desk area. If I’d move into one of these units, I’d really have to get rid of a lot more stuff!


2 comments on “At Vancouver Home and Design Show 2012

  1. One of the reasons why I love attending showrooms like this is how I am able to gather so many ideas in terms of home improvement and home decor. I used to attend community showrooms when I was still living in one of these Huntsville apartments and I had a lot of fun taking notes.

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