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A Flower Bed can be an Anagram Too

Nelson Park Community Garden

I met BW this past Saturday when I was buying fresh produce at the West End Vancouver Farmers Market. I was actually on my way home, loaded down with 2 bags, when I stepped onto the boulevard on the north side of Comox to get out of the crush of people so that I could repack the fruits and veggies to make them easier to carry. I happened to come to rest in front of a bed of pink and white flowers. I looked and then looked again; it appeared that the plants spelled out words.

I liked walking down this street, one of the ones that bordered Nelson Park; I hadn’t really walked around the area for awhile now and couldn’t remember seeing a community garden. I made eye contact with a gentleman wearing cool shades, who was also standing nearby the flower bed. We started off chatting casually about how long the Nelson Park Community Garden had been there (3 years). But it didn’t take us long to start shooting the breeze like long-lost friends. BW and I connected in ways only two old souls who have never met before can.

I don’t think it was by accident that I landed in front of a flower bed that said “Peace of love.” It turns out that this work of art was created and lovingly maintained by BW (the picture credit belongs to him too!). He told me that a woman he once talked to told him she thought it said “Love of peace.” Flower beds as anagrams – works for me.

I won’t deny it; I was feeling roughed up from trudging through a week of discouragements and setbacks. It just felt good to blather away about the creative process with a fellow artist and writer, with a little bit of life-the-universe-and-everything thrown in for good measure.

After exchanging emails and promising to keep in touch, I went home inspired, re-centered, and totally committed to finding anagrams in unexpected places.


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