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West End Farmers Market

Last year on three separate occasions, two people living in my apartment block told me about a Vancouver Farmers Market on Comox Street in the West End. I had been meaning to go, not only because I support the idea of buying locally, but because it is an appealing alternative to purchasing fruits and vegetables at a grocery store. But in amongst spending most of the summer and early fall flying back and forth to Winnipeg, I never made it.

Vancouver Farmers Market

For the past month I kept forgetting to go on Saturday – I’d think about it on Friday, reminding myself to go or I’d remember on Sunday morning that I had forgotten about it again. Yesterday though, after my morning shower and some breakfast I headed out.

Vancouver Farmers Market

As soon as I turned onto Comox Street across from Nelson Park, I could definitely feel the festive atmosphere. It’s totally opposite from shopping for fruits and vegetables in a grocery store. The salad stuff is all together in one place; root vegetables in another area; fruits grouped together  in easily accessible boxes. At first I found shopping at a farmers market a bit chaotic. But once I figured out that it would make more sense to see what was available first, and then backtrack to a particular stand, I was able to maneuver myself better through the crowds.

It was definitely worth the effort though. This morning’s breakfast, eaten on my balcony, included a bowl of plain yogurt topped with fresh blackberries.


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