Inheriting a Brother-In-Law


Since November, I have focused so hard on what I lost, when my sister married her in man in April of this year,  it totally escaped me that I had inherited a brother-in-law. I think I knew that my sister’s husband was now related to me, but it took awhile for it to sink in. I have a brother, through marriage, but still…the concept is pretty amazing to me.

When I first met TG at my sister’s apartment about five/six years ago, they had been dating for several months. I can’t recall the exact circumstances; it must have been around Christmas because that’s when I usually visited Winnipeg – to spend the holidays with Dad. I do remember my first impressions of him were that he was soft-spoken, liked my sister very much and thought the world of my niece.

While we are from different worlds, we still manage to find things to talk about. Whenever I come for a visit, he always greets me with a smile and a hug. Through the years, as I’ve come to know him better, four things that I’ve discovered and really like about TG are: he’s crazy about my sister; he has a good heart; he’s a great carpenter; and he’s willing to throw burgers on the BBQ at a moment’s notice.

As far as extended family goes, I think I lucked out.


2 comments on “Inheriting a Brother-In-Law

  1. Extended Families are Amazing!
    I only have my 21 year old son Who is my only living Blood relative as I was adopted.
    Extended Families are Amazing!

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