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Back Underneath the Sink

Underneath Kitchen Sink Painted

The battle of underneath my kitchen sink continues. Just to refresh your memory, in the New Year the painter painted the back wall of the kitchen cabinet. While the building manager didn’t fix it the way I wanted them to, it at least looked better than it had. More importantly, the smell seemed to have entirely disappeared.

About mid-June, I noticed streaks where once there had been pristine white paint. Due to procrastination combined with wedding prep panic, I tabled dealing with the matter until I returned from Winnipeg.

Underneath Kitchen Sink in June

Because I was sure that now I had proof that something really was going on beneath my kitchen sink, they would have to get to the bottom of it. And in the process (hopefully) they would redo my kitchen (like they have done at least three others on my floor).

No such luck – the building manager said that water was being splashed around the taps and landing between them and the backsplash, then dripping down. My response was that it still had to be fixed; since water was leaking from somewhere, something has to be done about it.

All he would commit to was sending the plumber up to my apartment with silicone spray. They came yesterday afternoon. I did ask the building manager if it could be repainted, and he said yes. Since it’s not a priority, I have to wait for awhile. I don’t mind waiting, but I just wish the final result was going to look a little more professional.


One comment on “Back Underneath the Sink

  1. Sounds like they really just don’t want to deal with it. How frustrating.

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