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My Canada Day

Lake Winnipeg from Gimli

Since I was already in town for my niece’s wedding on July 2nd, this year I spent Canada Day at my sister’s place in Stonewall.  We drove out to Gimli around noon and wandered around the town. Poked our heads into a few shops. My sister and her husband couldn’t get me out of the bookstore!

Fish Flies in Gimli

We had supper in one of the popular fish and chip restaurants – the most popular had a huge line-up. I had never seen fish flies before, so after coming out of the restaurant, I had to take a picture. They were everywhere…literally. You might think you are looking at bark on this tree trunk but it’s actually a gathering of fish flies. Unlike black flies or mosquitoes, they are harmless, just annoying.

My sister works with the Air Cadets and when she suggested that we go out to Gimli, I wanted to see where she flew gliders. Before leaving Gimli, we drove around the part of old CFB Gimli (Canadian Forces Base) still used for training purposes, and she gave me a tour. The control tower is only manned in the summertime when student cadets are in residence.

Canadian Flag

We were back in Stonewall late evening, in time for the fireworks. For a small town fireworks display, it was pretty good. Definitely a great way to spend Canada Day.

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