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My Niece is Getting Married

Winnipeg Niece

My beautiful niece turned 25 in May and in July, she will be getting married. I will be leaving next week for Winnipeg to be with my family for this summer wedding.

In all honesty, I haven’t been very happy about the thought of having to return to Winnipeg. Last time I went home, it was for a funeral. Now I’m flying off to my city of origin for a wedding – it’s too polar, too soon, and all my heart sees is the one person who will not be there at this family gathering.

Matters weren’t helped any by my inability to find a dress. Several weekends of mall surfing turned up nothing. Then in response to my story of woe, a friend offered to go dress shopping with me. The day we went was the day she got the news about her sister. She was leaving the next morning first flight out to return home to be with her family and to say good-bye.

In the end, I brought home more than just a dress for my niece’s wedding. Both of us were returning to our families but for very different reasons. All of a sudden, I am much happier about…everything.


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