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Single Task Woman in a Multitask World

In spite of scaring off any prospective employers who read this post, I’m willing to risk it. The simple truth is, I’m a single task woman in a multitask world. In my defense, several studies do question the validity of multitasking and just how efficient it makes us in the long run.

If the habits, good or bad, that follow us through life are forged in our post-toddler early childhood years, then, in all fairness, I would have to blame my mother. She insisted that there be no distractions when I did my homework – no TV or radio on in the background; no little chats with my sister; no getting sidetracked by pet antics. The focus was on the task at hand and distractions of any kind were not allowed.

Consequently, my idea of multitasking is filing my nails during the commercials or folding laundry while watching NCIS. I can chop veggies and marinate pork chops while preheating the oven. Anything more complex and my multitasking skills are severely overtaxed.

Multitasking as a concept doesn’t make any sense to me. It gives me great pleasure to create a to-do list, then cross off each task upon completion. Jumping from project to project to project doesn’t make me think that I’m working my way toward X number of different goals. Rather, multitasking makes me feel I’m not accomplishing anything at all.

In addition to attributing my lack of multitasking success to my mother, I also blame logic. You have something to do, you begin at point A, stop for a break around noon, and then proceed on your way to point B. Multitasking just messes up the whole linear thing.


One comment on “Single Task Woman in a Multitask World

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