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This past week, a client asked me to come into their place of business to work. Once off the elevator, I had to turn right, walk down a hallway, then make another right in order to get to their office. When I turned the first corner, I stopped because it appeared as though it was a dead-end. A few more tentative steps and voila…the “dead-end” magically turned into a throughway.

I’ve never been particularly good with perspective. In my mirror of life, reflections of memories, disasters, conversations with family, arguments with friends, emotions – especially emotions – always appear larger or closer than they really are. Earlier this month, in a conversation with a friend, I felt I had been out of line. But when I apologized, I had to explain why. From her perspective, the incident hadn’t been an issue at all.

That’s another casualty of freelancing and working from home – not hearing other people talk about what’s happening in their lives. Especially if its one that stirs up a lot of emotions, my outlook on life in general shifts when I gain perspective on a particular situation. Without of a full-time job, I find I must work harder at maintaining some kind of point-of-view balance.

Yes, I might be concerned about paying the bills or worry about how to replace my broken printer or just get annoyed with having to be on such a tight budget. But walking by a homeless person or turning on the evening news gives me a much needed jolt of perspective.


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