An Evening with Tortas, Tacos and Mexican Coke

Mexican Restaurant Vancouver

I was in such a hurry to attend the grand opening of this new restaurant featuring Mexican cuisine that I forgot my camera. Pictures are courtesy of my friend A.T.

Yesterday I attended the the restaurant opening of Sal y Limon (translation: Salt and Lime),  in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver. I was invited because two of the four partners in this new venture are my friends.

Sal y Limon Mexican Restaurant

This Mexican restaurant is a unique blend of casual dining and art gallery. The cheerful green walls display the photographs of the Mexican artist, Luis Miranda, currently living in Vancouver.

Mexican Restaurant Vancouver

Eat in or take out, Sal y Limon offers an impressive selection of tortas (type of Mexican sandwich), tacos and burritos. I had a lamb torta personalized by one of the several salsa choices (it was one of the spicier ones, which made me happy!) with a Mexican Coke. I don’t usually drink Coke, but the Mexican variety is made with cane sugar, and while still sweet it didn’t taste syrupy to me like the regular kind does.

For more tastes of Mexico, the menu also includes Mexican soft drinks; agua fresca (translation: fresh water) which is water that is naturally flavoured with fruit; quesadillas; and taquitos dorados – tacos that are deep fried.

Inside Mexican Restaurant

I had fun visiting with mutual friends I hadn’t seen for awhile. Sal y Limon has a great vibe; getting up from our table for more salsa, I discovered a couple dancing with abandon to music playing in the restaurant.

Sal Y Limon on Urbanspoon


7 comments on “An Evening with Tortas, Tacos and Mexican Coke

  1. Is that Chris, with a baby?! Who are the two partners? That is great news. Also, is that the old house of dosa? better not be…

  2. I’m about to head here in a minute, I live just around the corner! Thanks for the post – I’m always nosy about restaurants before I go, I love to have a little intel 😉

    And – to the other commenter, House of Dosa is at Knight, this is in the plaza at Fraser. It used to be a Filipino place.

  3. Felicidades !!!

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