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Bathroom Mini Makeover

Mid-January, the building manager made good on his promise to fix the wall in the bathroom where the paint had bubbled up away from the drywall. I used it as an excuse to do a bathroom mini makeover. Because I had painted it a “lemon chill” several years ago, I opted not to buy my own paint but just let the painter use the default colour, eggshell. I’ve been meaning to post this sooner but couldn’t seem to coincide a freshly cleaned bathroom with a picture-taking session.

Just as an aside, when I first saw this bathroom I cried (literally) – I had moved from an apartment in Winnipeg to this apartment in Vancouver, but at least in the Winnipeg bathroom I could place the bathmat parallel to the tub and open the vanity drawer and doors without having to shut the door.

Mini bathroom makeover

Bathroom mini makeover

From the photos, the bathroom might not appear all that different, but the walls are much softer and I hadn’t realized how much I had become tired of the yellow until it was gone. I splurged on a new bathmat and shower curtain with liner  – never bothered with one before so I had to be careful; needless to say I was continually mopping up water that pooled between the tub and the toilet. I streamlined the number of items sitting on the counter and used two decorative pieces from other rooms to create a focal point. I never really knew what to do with my mother’s turtle until I remembered a decor blogger’s  advice to incorporate surprise into a room’s design.

repainted bathroom

bathroom makeover

One comment on “Bathroom Mini Makeover

  1. Much better! It looks bigger with everything the same tone. Hope you have a lovely Easter day!

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