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Blood on my Mind

About a week and a half after my tumble down the stairs, all of the bruising on my leg virtually disappeared, except for a large swelling. I originally described it to my sister as a small, round, hard accent cushion sticking out of my outer thigh just below the hip. Because I thought it would return to normal as the colour of the bruises faded, I wasn’t particularly worried about it.

When it still hadn’t noticeably diminished or stopped hurting three weeks after the accident, I did an internet search on bruises and bruising. After reading about hematoma (blood that pools in soft tissue after escaping from broken blood vessels), I became concerned. A trip to the doctor assured me that it didn’t need to be drained and that hematomas can disappear on their own in as little time as a few weeks or hang around for much longer, up to several months.

Even though I went home happy that it wasn’t particularly serious, the thought that this thing may not go away any time soon has me obsessing (just a bit). While it isn’t as prominent as it was, it does make me feel like Sigourney Weaver in Alien – there’s this little creature traveling with me wherever I go. I (almost) feel obligated to give it a pet name.


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