Tips for Living While Unemployed

Vancouver, BC

A while back, I did an internet search for tips for living while jobless. It was the “wrong” search – what I was really looking for was a financial survival guide or how to live on $5.00 a day (Remember those guidebooks from the ’70s on how to see France / England / Spain/ Italy / European country of your choice for 5 bucks a day?) What I ended up with was a list of sites that dealt more with the psychological aspects rather than financial coping tips. I bookmarked a bunch of articles and then forgot about them.

After my lazy, pamper-myself-Mad-Men weekend, yesterday I decided to visit the websites and see what they had to say. I didn’t find any one article or blog helpful, so from a variety of internet sources, I made up my own list of tips for living while unemployed. Here is how my Monday went.

Make a schedule and stick to it: The day can very easily run away from me – all of a sudden it’s mid-afternoon and I really haven’t all that much to show for it. I made a schedule for the entire week, including the weekend.

Exercise: This is a tough one. I usually have to work hard at convincing myself that going for a short walk subjecting myself to fresh air, getting me out of my apartment and people watching will be good for me.

Eat healthy meals and snacks: Where’s the fun in that? Truthfully though, I must confess by the time I went to bed last night I did feel better for having eaten balanced meals throughout the day and snacking on fruits and celery.

Plan an Outing: Yesterday I picked up a parcel at the post office. Today I sat in a local gathering place sipping tea and people watching for an hour or so. It doesn’t have to be expensive – window shopping, second-run movie houses, a browse through the bestseller display at a bookstore – but it should get you out of the house for awhile.

Make contact: Several days can pass and suddenly I realize I haven’t spoken to or seen anyone. It’s important to keep in touch with friends and family even if you don’t feel like it. It amazes me how a brief phone call or even a quick chat on Facebook can improve my mood and make me feel more connected and not so alone.

Set a budget: I’m actually fairly adept at setting a household budget and adhering to it. Knowing exactly how much I need every month to pay my bills and buy the necessities gives me some feeling of control.

Tackle a daily project: I took the time yesterday to give the front hallway a much-needed very thorough cleaning. And I finally removed the remains of birthday flowers from the vase on the hall table.


6 comments on “Tips for Living While Unemployed

  1. Those are simply good rules for living Heather . Thanks for the encouragement

  2. these are great Heather, thanks! I would love to see how you budget without an income. I’m still figuring that one out. I miss our coffee dates where I freaked out about money at you and you calmed me down.

  3. Indeed those are good rules, Heather. I will continue praying for your emotional, physical and spiritual health, and that you would find a job soon. Too bad you couldn’t come down here. There are 6.02X10^23 libraries within an hour’s drive of Logan Airport!

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