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Philadelphia Will Do

It’s 4:39 p.m. and because it’s still raining, I haven’t bothered to get dressed today. Or maybe I didn’t get dressed this morning to begin with because it was raining. Whatever…the point being, today I opted out and started my weekend early. For a couple of hours, I pretended to be interested in finding employment; scrolling through the jobs search boards, I managed to find four positions that piqued my curiosity enough to apply for them. After that, I deteriorated pretty quickly (and without much arm twisting) into nesting mode.

Spoofing the westerns of its day, My Little Chickadee is about a singer, Miss Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) and a con artist Cuthbert J. Twillie (W. C. Fields) who meet on a train heading for Greasewood City. After the typical West/Fields comedy of errors, when Twillie is about to be lynched by the town mob, as a last request he asks, “I’d like to see Paris before I die…Philadelphia will do.” I can relate – I’d like to be anywhere else right now but my couch, a bag of Cheetos and a working DVD player will do.

The truth is I feel almost as battered as I did this time last week, after falling down half a flight of stairs last Thursday. While my leg is no longer black (I’ve never seen the skin of a bruise look so black) and the normal bruise colours of green, yellow and purple are actually fading, my left shoulder remains uncooperative enough to be annoying. So that’s my excuse for not getting dressed, not doing a proper jobs search and not doing pretty much anything except for parking myself on my couch and watching Mad Men Season 4 Disc Two.

Heck who am I kidding? This is pretty much where I’ll be for the whole weekend, although I seriously doubt the bag of munchies will last that long. And my excuse for that is I want to finish Season 4 before March 25th when Mad Men Season 5 premiers on AMC.


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