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Moving Forward

Today is the first Monday in March, which means, come mid-month, I will have been unemployed for a year. Which means money is tight – a lot of it’s going out (just for necessities); little is coming in; and there’s no spare change for outings such as going to the movies. (Just as an aside, I simply don’t understand how people manage without a library card; I’ve been borrowing a LOT of movies from Vancouver Public Library lately.)

But in light of my mission statement, my jobs search took a little different turn this morning. I made a conscious decision to focus only on those areas that I think will garner the most personal growth and satisfaction.

Even though I feel the pressure just to apply for anything like I have been in the past, it occurred to me that even though that’s exactly what I have been doing, while it’s brought the occasional phone call, I’ve never actually landed a job interview for miscellaneous positions.

I still intend to apply for a few of those jobs that use some of what is affectionately known as transferable skills. But after spending six hours with my mission statement taped to my monitor while scrolling through the job boards, I can honestly say that I feel confident that I am definitely moving in the right direction. In spite of the adversities I am currently facing, reading and rereading my personal directive gives me the confidence and determination to move forward.



One comment on “Moving Forward

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