What NOT to do After Leaving a Job Interview

Yesterday I went to a job interview for a Marketing/Office Assistant position. I arrived at the appointed time but the CEO who was to interview me was running late. No problem. I spent the down time perusing the selection of healthy lifestyle magazines on display and “eavesdropping” on the front desk action just to get a feel for the company.

The Interview

About twenty minutes later, the receptionist took me up a flight of stairs and led me inside the conference room. When the CEO appeared and the interview began, I thought it went well – I answered the job interview questions without hesitation; gave concise answers; and tied in aspects of the job description to my past work experience. When it was clear that the interview was over, I stood up, went around the table to shake the CEO’s hand, thanked him for his time, and exited out of the door leading to the stairs. The door closed behind me, I started down the staircase. And then I fell down stairs.

Yes, unfortunately you read that right.

The Aftermath

About five steps down, something happened and I felt myself slipping. The next thing I know, I’m L-shaped with my left shoulder mashed into the wall and my torso all twisted. Without thinking I yelled out in pain, bringing the CEO and the receptionist into the stairwell before I could right myself. He brought me to my feet while the receptionist gathered up everything that went flying – my jacket, purse and glasses. They both fussed over me and asked if I was fine. I said yes, except for feeling very embarrassed.

That’s when the receptionist pointed out that my lip was bleeding. Before I (carefully) bolted down the stairs to take refuge in the washroom, I again reassured the CEO that I would be fine; nothing felt broken. Once in front of the mirror, I discovered I had also bit my top lip but not to the extent I had the bottom one. I could feel heat radiating from the point of impact on my outer left thigh, but opted to investigate further when I got home. I tidied myself up, returned to reception, thanked her for her help and left.

Life is Like That

By this time yesterday evening, I couldn’t sit in one place very long or move my left arm at all. So I did the RICE treatment for treating a sprain. Ice and elevation were particularly comforting. Today I continued to RICE, pamper myself and just be thankful that while, yes, it is painful, I didn’t break anything.

So, what do you think my chances are for landing this job? At least I made an impression!


4 comments on “What NOT to do After Leaving a Job Interview

  1. If you left a good impression during the interview the accident will not, or let say shouldn’t, matter at all. I hope you will recover soon and cross my fingers that you will get the job. Good luck and take care 🙂

  2. Oh, this is so something I would do. So sorry for your fall, but hopefully they realize your gracefulness in resuming your poise! Glad you didn’t hurt yourself seriously.

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