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Chiba Garden North Vancouver

Gate to Chiba Garden

After a job interview early Thursday afternoon of this week, on my way back to the sea bus for the return trip Vancouver from district North Vancouver, I discovered Chiba Garden. The Asian garden I glimpsed beyond an open wood gate drew me in.

Chiba Garden North Vancouver

A part of  Waterfront Park, it is a traditional Japanese garden commemorating the friendship between the City of North Vancouver and Chiba, Japan, its sister city. Completed in 1986, this traditional Japanese garden was designed with two streams originating from one source to symbolize the friendship shared by these two cities.

Chiba Garden

I sat on a bench and just let the silence do its magic – the trees, the sea air, the quiet. My interview was over; I wasn’t at the computer looking for work or angsting that I hadn’t found a job yet; the sun was (mostly) winning its battle with the clouds. A man entered the garden from a trail opposite the formal entrance, walked by me and said hello. I said hello back. After a minute or so, he went through the gate and disappeared from view. I was content to sit awhile longer.

Stone Carving Chiba Garden

There is something about the City of North Vancouver that appeals to me. While I love living in downtown Vancouver and wouldn’t consider moving due to convenience, I always enjoy my forays into this beautiful city. It seems to surprise me in ways that Vancouver doesn’t; like on Thursday, I’m heading to the sea bus and stumble upon a little gem – off a busy thorough fare in the middle of a city is an Asian garden for all to enjoy.


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