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Elie Saab Makes Perfume

Yesterday afternoon, I went off to a Wal-Mart in search of an economical mattress protector and discovered that Elie Saab makes perfume.

The mattress protector had reached the point of no return – the fabric had become pilled, the quilted top flat and the elasticized sides weren’t. While I definitely love the savings big box stores offer, I always feel like I’ve walked for miles for little gain. It doesn’t seem to make any difference even if I make a list of items and I roughly know where I’m going; I still end up walking in circles and too tired to get myself back home.

Hall Berry Oscars 2002

Elie Saab first came to my attention in 2002 when Halle Berry wore what I affectionately call the strategically placed roses dress to the Academy Awards when she won Best Actress for her role in the movie Monster’s Ball.

On my way out of the mall I had to pass through another department store’s cosmetic section to get to the exit closest to the SkyTrain. Walking by a perfume counter, there he was – Elie Saab Le Parfum captured in an elegant glass crystal-like bottle.  I was trying to get the top off when the sales clerk glanced over and asked if she could help me.

She took a delicately white ribbed ribbon with his name on it in raised block letters; sprayed it with some Elie Saab perfume; and then tied the ribbon around my left wrist. The sales clerk informed that the perfume was largely florals. I know next to nothing about perfume. Only that this scent brought to mind sheers and silks susurrating upon my skin. This olfactory treat definitely made up for all the miles of store I walked around.

Indeed, I did inquire if the piece of ribbon would eventually transform itself into an Elie Saab designer dress. Alas, the sales clerk dashed all such hope! But the ribbon was still tied to my wrist this morning when I woke up.

One comment on “Elie Saab Makes Perfume

  1. You never know what you’ll find! Great catch there! Hope you’re having a nice, fresh new year.

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