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My New Year Split Personality

I always get really excited about the New Year. It’s a second chance; a clean slate; a blank page; a newborn baby. It makes me feel like anything is possible – again.

New Year Resolutions
I saw this quote on a calendar once and it comes to mind, unbidden, every January 1st – May all of your troubles last as long your New Year’s resolutions. Now, for those of you who are focused, goal-0riented and results-driven, I am not hexing you with a bad luck spell. For the rest of us, we know that this saying is making light of how our resolutions don’t seem to last very long, and if our troubles lasted for the same amount of time, life would be very good indeed.

Last year I tried a different approach: instead of New Year resolutions, I made a list of things I wanted to do; things that would (hopefully) improve the quality of my life. From the 33 items listed, I crossed off seven – it appears that rephrasing resolutions as projects doesn’t work for me either.

Changes Turn and Face the Strange

Even before the New Year officially became new, there were already changes in the works for 2012 – my niece announced her engagement and is getting married in July; my sister and her partner will also be tying the knot; and just before Christmas, a Vancouver friend will be moving back to her hometown on the east coast in the spring.

While I love the idea of the New Year as a clean slate or a second chance, I don’t particularly like change. Changes are risky and introduce the unknown into the perfectly safe game plan that is my life. Change makes me very nervous. And yes, I am thoroughly aware that change moves me forward and without it, I’d really be stuck.

Okay, maybe just one resolution for 2012 – to have as much fun as possible. I’m pretty sure that’s a change that wouldn’t scare me too much.

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