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The Ghosts of Christmas Windows Past

Passing by The Bay in downtown Vancouver one day last week as I was doing some Christmas shopping, I glanced at the windows – sleek mannequins in party attire accompanied by a Christmas ornament or two, the odd snowflake, a vestige of red ribbon and some silver glitter.

Christmas Windows Past

It made me long for the days when one of our family’s Christmas traditions was to make the trek downtown to see the Eaton’s Christmas store window.  Our parents dressed us up for our picture with Santa and before we got back into the car for the trip home, my sister and I spent as long as we could bear standing out in the cold staring in wonder at the magical scenes designed to delight girls and boys of any age.

Woodward’s Windows

When I moved to Vancouver in 1997, Woodward’s, a department store in the tradition of Eaton’s but first established in Vancouver rather than eastern Canada, had been closed for four years. After discovering that Canada Place, who purchased the iconic Christmas window decorations, put nine of the windows on display at various locations in downtown Vancouver, I just had to go and see for myself. And in the process, relive a few happy memories.

Woodward's Windows

The Lamplighter – light off

Woodward's Windows

The Lamplighter – light on

Woodward's Windows

Santa caught on camera leaving by the door

Woodward's Windows

Dancing Polar Bear


One comment on “The Ghosts of Christmas Windows Past

  1. How fabulous that they’ve brought those displays back! I’m sure it was a big part in the Christmas experience for many. Charming!

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