What’s Underneath Your Sink?

At first, I thought that the smell beneath the kitchen sink was my imagination, because when it became really noticeable, it seemed to disappear. While not overpowering, it gradually became a persistent, musty odor I couldn’t get rid of.

Building Management Blues

About a year or so later, it occurred to me that the problem might be bigger that Vim could handle. I got down on the floor and investigated. What I found were pipes that had been wound around with a lot of tape to block the opening from where they came into the cupboard area. It might have once been okay but now it was discoloured and dingy looking.

I love apartment living for one major reason and that is, I don’t have to bother with repairs or replacing major appliances. When I finally got tired of putting up with dealing with the musty smell, I went to the building manager and explained what was happening. He came up to look at it. He kept insisting it was a cleaning thing rather than it’s-an-older-building-plumbing-issue.

More Building Management Blues

About six months later, Fate kicks in – the copper pipe beneath the sink that drains the water  sprang a leak. This time I called building management directly. I told them about the leaking pipe, and asked if they could deal with the musty smell at the same time by removing the tape and fixing the back wall of the cupboard properly.

Returning from work the day the plumber was supposed to come, the first thing I do is open the cupboard doors. Sure enough, the leaky piping was replaced with black plastic tubing. However, the ratty old tape still remained in place. I convinced myself the smell wasn’t that noticeable.

Seeking a Resolution

A couple of years go by. Recent investigation (two weeks ago) revealed that the tape around one of the two pipes was coming away from the wall, exposing a hole. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if mold isn’t the cause of the musty odor. A combination of getting organized for Christmas, facing up to my procrastination habit and being home during the day when the building manager is around inspires me to confront him.

I explain that this has been an ongoing problem and that I would like it fixed. He started giving me the runaround again. I simply responded by saying,”Okay, I can call a building or health inspector.” He back pedaled and agreed to fix it.

The following pictures were taken AFTER the problem has been “fixed”.

Kitchen Sink Pipes

Kitchen Sink Pipe

Life is Like That

I know I don’t have a “Before” picture, but in case you missed it, all the building manager did to “fix” the problem was to plaster right on top of the tape. This is NOT acceptable. Stay tuned!!


2 comments on “What’s Underneath Your Sink?

  1. Oh, this is awful. You keep after them. Call the building inspector or health inspector, or better yet, the local tv station!

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