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The Good Samaritan

When I left the apartment today for my job interview in North Vancouver, I grabbed my camera. Even though it was overcast and cold, once off Marine Drive, I would be in a mostly residential area, and I wanted to be ready if something caught my eye.

North Vancouver

Transit Directions

Part of my time preparing for a job interview is spent on the phone with Translink making sure that I know where I’m going and how much time it will take to get there.

My destination ended up being 0.6 miles from the bus stop. I knew I was going to be in trouble when the person gave me instructions that included a series of turns, followed by the number of blocks I would have to walk on that particular street. I think I’ve mentioned before that, given the right combination of circumstances, I can become lost in my own living room.

Getting Lost

It wasn’t their fault – the directions were clear and concise. I was fine up until instruction no. 2, but when I couldn’t see the street name that I was supposed to be seeing according to instruction no. 3, I panicked.

A woman, putting a bag into the back seat of her car looked up just in time to see me consult my piece of paper yet again, as though staring at my own handwriting could make the proper street sign appear.  After asking me if I needed help, she responded to my explanation by saying that she didn’t know the area all that well either, but if I hopped into the car, we would drive around and figure it out.

Of course I read way too many murder mysteries for alarm bells not to go off in my head – naturally, it’s always the woman the murder victim trusts. But I figured if anything did happen, at least I wouldn’t be unemployed any more.

North Vancouver street

Life is Like That

I climbed into the woman’s car, and she turned it around to face the direction where I lost the street sign. Sure enough, we found the right street easily after a minute or so of driving and one last left turn. Even though I ended up being very early, I was extremely grateful to the good Samaritan who went out of her way to make sure I was not lost, or worse, late for a job interview.


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