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Happy Accidents

home church Winnipeg

On Thursday, October 27th, while waiting to be let into the church to meet with the minister officiating dad’s funeral service, I wandered around St. Andrew’s Anglican Church (Woodhaven) trying to get a good angle. I wanted to take a picture that would capture the connection I have with this place.

I ended up being rushed – my niece had to call me twice – I felt that the few I took were no good. My fears were confirmed; after looking at them on the camera’s display screen, I wrote them off on the basis that they hadn’t captured what I had wanted them to.

When I examined them on my computer, the pictures reminded me of Timothy. He was one of the architects at a firm where I worked in the company’s library. His hobby was amateur photography and when I told him that my father was an amateur photographer as well, he showed me several of his albums. There was one picture I especially enjoyed: it showed Timothy posed beneath a tree, taking a picture (the camera that took that actual photo was on a tripod), and above his head, stretched out on a limb, was a lion cub having a little afternoon nap.

Timothy confessed that he hadn’t known about the extra subject of his composition until the picture had been developed. I remember him saying, “Sometimes good photographs are because of happy accidents.”

Now, I’m not calling my photos good, but I must confess, the clearly recognizable reflections in the church’s windows were indeed happy accidents.

Anglican Church Winnipeg

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