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Outing Myself as a Mad Men Junkie

Okay, it’s official…I’m going into serious withdrawal (Is there any other kind?). It’s Sunday and it’s summer and we’re supposed to be mid-way through Season 5 of Mad Men. But we are not mid-way through Season 5; due to delayed negotiations, Matt Weiner didn’t begin writing the series until a deal with AMC was in place – too late it turns out for the TV show to air in the summer of 2011.

Unemployment Blues

At the time, I was just ticked off – so that’s how you pay back your loyal fans? But I knew that Mad Men Season 4 would be out on DVD at the end of March. So I consoled myself with the promise of purchasing the DVD, intending to watch “reruns” until AMC announced the premier date of the new season.

Of course, being the responsible (scaredy cat) person that I am, in mid-March, when I was laid-off, all thoughts of “frivolous” expenditures flew out the window. I methodically worked my way through Season 3 Mad Men episodes (including all the commentaries and special features). And I even revisited a few favourite episodes from the two previous seasons. And some of the special features. And naturally, I had to listen to the corresponding episode commentary again.

The Proud Owner Of…

I finally succumbed. Using birthday money I was keeping for a rainy rainy day, I am now the proud owner of the Season 4 DVD. That should quell my Mad Men TV show cravings until the 2012 premiere date is announced.


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