Rudolpho Cuts My Hair

My hair is driving me crazy. It has been for sometime now. I have fine hair, and now that I’m older, when it reaches a certain length, it looks a bit shaggy, no matter what I do to it. I keep threatening to take a pair of scissors and give myself that Annie Lennox 80s look.


When unemployed, I start budgeting “for real” to ensure that my fixed income will cover the big three – rent, groceries and bills. One of the first luxuries to go is getting my hair cut regularly at a mid-range hair salon. It’s currently at the point where I can no longer consider it a luxury: I’d be in trouble if I got called for a job interview tomorrow!

Getting My Hair Cut

I was living in my home town at the time, when, during a previous employment drought, I had no extra money but really needed my hair done. I went to one of those economical hair salon franchises. Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out very well and leave it at that. Fast forward to three and a half months later – even though it was finally growing out, now it was all different lengths and very unmanageable.

Desperate, the next time my parents came for a visit, I asked my dad to cut my hair. While this might seem like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, there are two things you should know – he has hidden talents and if you ask him to do something, he says right up front “yes” if he can or “no” if he can’t. It ended up being shorter than I had originally anticipated. But in his logical, methodical way, my father gave me one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had, making it one length while giving my hair some style. There was a running joke in my family that I got my hair done by the famous hair stylist Rudolfo (a.k.a. my father).

Life is Like That

Since going to Rudolfo is not option and I can’t afford to go to my regular hair salon, I am off to find a less expensive alternative.


3 comments on “Rudolpho Cuts My Hair

  1. Funny you talk about hair cuts — I went to a hair school and got my haircut for $8.50. Including shampoo and blow out. Considering I used to shell out $80+ easily for the same thing at a top salon, I felt like a queen giving my “student” a $10 tip.

    And it’s just hair.. it’ll always grow back : )

  2. Sometimes those economical hair salons aren’t too bad. Most ot the time they do what you want. You just have to be specific. All on length….for example. But the hair schools aren’t too bad eaither. Remember when we used to go to them in the “peg”?

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