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Reading the Manual Probably Won’t Cure Technophobia

Snow angel in (cold) Winnipeg / photo by LK

I have wanted a digital camera for awhile now. I confess, it was initially to share images of Vancouver with friends and family back in Winnipeg when it’s minus 30 °C! But since I started my Facebook page, I have felt the increasing compulsion to illustrate my life with accompanying snapshots. And now with a blog, it seems even more of a necessity. I finally got a camera this past Christmas, and while I actually did get a memory card for it, I’m afraid that’s as far as I got.

Flashback #1

It’s 1984 – I have finished university and am looking for work. I avoid any job ads that mention library automation because I’m sure computers are just a fad and I will be out of work in a few years. (True story, I’m afraid).

Flashback #2
It’s 1987 – I am working at the Institute of Urban Studies as a cataloguing technician. Part of my job is to search University of Toronto’s UTLAS database for catalogue records. The whole process frightens me – from the minute I dial up and connect to U of T to the time I log off, I pepper the poor librarian with a ton of questions.

One day she tricks me – just as I log on to UTLAS, she gathers up her things and announces she’s off to do research in U of W’s main library. I freeze at the computer keyboard for several seconds until I manage to scramble to the doorway and peer down the hallway just in time to see her back disappear around the corner.

It Seems They have a Name for Everything

It wasn’t until many years later that I found out there are many phobias and logizomechanophobia (fear of computers) and cyberphobia (fear of working on a computer) are two of them.

What does this have to do with cameras, taking pictures and procrastination, you might ask? I think my phobia is more encompassing, as in technophobia (fear of technology). A calculator is fine, but hand me a cell phone, BlackBerry or any other techno gizmo and watch my head implode.

Life is Like That

Still, as a procrastination technique, it will only get me so far. While reading the digital camera manual is no guarantee to cure my obvious case of technophobia, I have to, as the old adage goes, sit on the fence or get off. So, armed with a cup of coffee, I am retreating to my balcony, the manual along for a little light reading.


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