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Celebrating Canada’s 144th Birthday

Canada Day at Burnaby Village / from BVM website

Ever since I moved to Vancouver and discovered Burnaby Village Museum, it’s become one of my favourite places in the Lower Mainland.  Ten acres of both heritage and replica buildings, the museum never fails to transport me back to the 1920s. I have been meaning to attend their Canada Day celebrations for sometime now and never got around to it until yesterday.

Dry Goods Store / photo by niece, July 2010

Burnaby Village Museum

I arrived about 40 minutes before the Canada Day parade was scheduled to begin at 1:45. First order of business – grab a Canadian flag for the parade. There were people everywhere – it was so packed! But since I had some time, I wanted to see Treble Clef Phonographs (complete with a working player piano), one of my top 10 Burnaby Village Museum must-sees every time I come here. I also stuck my head into the tram station, but couldn’t actually get near the train.

Tram / photo by niece, July 2010

Tram Conductor / photo by niece, July 2010

Canada Day Ceremonies

The official Burnaby Village Canada Day ceremony began shortly after 2. And then after the speeches, there was Canada Day cake! I loved watching young ones with painted faces eat dessert.

I visited two other faves of mine – Elworth, the Bateman family home and the Jesse Love farmhouse – before heading off to visit the star attraction of Burnaby Village Museum, the C. W. Parker Carousel. The last stop of the day for me was the very fun and somewhat wacky Footlight Theatre’s Vaudeville Varieties.

I will definitely make a point of going back next year!

Niece and me on the Carousel / photo by niece's mom


One comment on “Celebrating Canada’s 144th Birthday

  1. Burnaby Museum is one of the coolest places in Vancouver to visit. We used to go there for field trips in elementary school, and I mean to go back. Great blog!

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