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Visiting the Library

In a conversation with my sister, I felt I wasn’t explaining something well, so I drew an analogy, starting by saying, “You know when you go to the public library…” And she interrupted with, “Actually I don’t; I can’t remember the last time I went to a library.”

Friday Ritual

While it amazes me, I’m not really surprised. I have several friends who never visit the library, so it’s not a totally foreign concept. But to me libraries, whether as a place of employment or entertainment, possess a cathedral-like quality. I depend on the library not only as a place to write and to do research, but also as a source for DVDs and CDs I could never afford to purchase.

Vancouver Public Library Central branch’s movie collection is quite extensive, ranging from fairly new releases to classics and documentaries. I went this morning and stocked up on mystery paperbacks and a week’s worth of movies. I’m especially looking forward to settling down on the couch to watch Grey Gardens with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.

Life is Like That

While working at an elementary school, the librarian brought pictures of her vacation in Vancouver to show us. About ten of them were of the newly built VPL Central branch. It was my first glimpse of a library that bore a faint yet mystical resemblance to the Roman Colosseum. A mere three years later I was a regular visitor and patron.


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