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Lay-off Fallout

This morning I went to my job interview for the position of library technician in a downtown law firm’s library. Because I was going to be near to my old place of work, I arranged to meet one of the managers who agreed to be a reference.

Same but Different

It’s a little strange having to report to reception in a place that was like a second home. Although, while waiting until the person I came to see could be located, it turned out to be old home week. First Robert passed by the front desk, but stopped when he saw me. We were deep in conversation when Diane spotted me, and she too wandered over to see how I was doing.

Tammy was one of the two facilitators of the leadership course the company offered, and we became friends during those eight weeks. Now walking down the hallway on her way back to her office, she too joined my catching up enclave. And since it was Tammy, who cannot have a conversation without laughing joyously at least three times, the fun factor ratio increased ten-fold.

Life is Like That

While no place is perfect and there’s always room for improvement, I’ve never been let go from a company or organization due to academic cut-backs, downsizing or layoffs that I have been happy about. Standing in a group of ex-colleagues, two of which had become friends, really brought home to me that this most recent lay off in my experience didn’t just deprive me of employment, but of other things not easily defined but certainly more valuable.


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