Going There Then Coming Back

The job ad was for an application support position with a company that designed POS programs for the hospitality industry. When I first read the details on the jobs search board, I almost dismissed it because they were vague. But the ad included a link to their YouTube channel, so I clicked on it. The clip showed a typical call centre setup, but there was something else – a vibe that made me think “career” rather than “job.”

Going There

When this company did finally contact me, I was ecstatic. Whenever I land an interview, I spend time preparing for it. This includes exploring the company’s website at great length to glean everything I can about what they do. Since I arrived a bit too early, I wandered around the business park before I went into the building. I approached reception saying, “I have an appointment at noon, but I’m afraid I’m early.”

Being Interviewed

It didn’t appear to bother reception. She picked up the phone and announced my arrival. Then she asked me to sit. In between answering phones and other duties, the receptionist and I discussed the Stanley Cup riots and how crazy the whole thing was. After awhile, her phone rang again. She instructed me to take the elevator; Linda would be waiting for me on the second floor.

We seemed to have an instant connection. I appreciated Linda’s firm handshake (I always feel mine is too strong in comparison to the other person’s). Once settled in her office, the interview began very well. She asked what I knew about the company. My research paid-off, and I was able to answer in detail. Linda seemed impressed.

There is that heartbeat breath of a second when you know an interview is about to slide south. As soon as she mentioned 5 a.m. shifts, I knew I was simply out of luck – public transit is still sleeping at 4:30 in the morning when I’d have to make my way to work. I asked if there were any other options. Linda explained that she couldn’t make exceptions – everyone hired had to be able to get to work for the time they were needed.

Life is Like That

This morning started out so promising but ended with me coming back empty handed. Tomorrow is another day, and so is Wednesday, when I do have another interview scheduled. Wish me luck!


2 comments on “Going There Then Coming Back

  1. 5:00 a.m. shift? Call centre? You are overqualified, my dear. On to the next one. I have people calling me for jobs, even sales people trying to set up appointments, etc., that never take the time to google me or find out anything about my work. And I’m easy to find! Homework does pay off and it will. Set your sights high. Interior designers need organized office staff and assistants. Combine a passion with your skills to find something new. Work for free for awhile to prove yourself. I know that’s hard to consider, but as an employer, I know it’s hard to gamble on a new person without knowing how they work, if they are smart and capable, if they can be trusted, etc. I know I appreciate passion, persistence, capability, and common sense in an employee. Wishing you much luck!

    • I guess these things do work out for the best, but what attracted me to the position was the 4-day work week. On reflection though, working 10 hours a day starting at 5 a.m. does seem a bit of a high price to pay for long weekends every week. I’m definitely at a “crossroads” at the moment regarding my career. Thanks for the suggestions, Carla – combining my passion for writing with my passion for “nesting” would definitely appeal to me. ~ Heather

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