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Making Room for Creativity

Inspired by outing myself as a procrastinator (see Projects instead of Resolutions), today I am determined to pick an easy one from the list I made. Since I am currently spending a lot of time at my computer desk, what with my job search, blogging and creative writing venture, it makes sense to begin with #18 – buy a new desk. I’ve been wanting a new one for a while now, mostly because my computer desk wasn’t a desk at all, but rather a bedroom vanity in another life.

Reclaim and Renew

Since #18 is virtually impossible at the moment due to my jobless state and budget constraints, I did the next best thing – making do instead of buying new. Because I had it in my head that the desk would soon be replaced, when I discovered a missing piece of frame that the bottom of the drawer rests on,  I put it aside meaning to take it down to the dumpster when I trekked down with the garbage, but I kept forgetting. Maybe procrastination isn’t such a bad thing. I rescued the block of wood and although it took awhile to find where it went and two different kinds of hammer to convince it to go back where it belonged, the drawer now glides somewhat smoothly again.

I emptied all four drawers, wiped them inside and out, and exchanged the old wallpaper drawer liners for cardboard covered with peel-n-stick laminate paper.

Little Treasures?

I unearthed numerous, useless treasures such as pens that no longer write; little stubs of lead pencils; a pen with an end shaped like a grand prix racing car that’s dried up (but I’m keeping anyway because I’m willing to bet not too many people own one); and two typewriter ribbon take-up reels. I also rediscovered my long ago love affair with fountain pens – I own five.

Life is Like That

On the surface, there doesn’t appear to be much of a difference. Since the computer takes up most of the room, it leaves room for little else besides my banker’s lamp. But the drawers have been emptied of copious amounts of junk. And while not new, sitting at my wood desk lends me the feeling of new possibilities.

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