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Projects Instead of Resolutions

Last October, I spent the Thanksgiving weekend painting my apartment.  For some totally insane reason, I thought that I could, over the 3-day period, redo the kitchen, hallway, dining room and living room in the heritage green paint color choice I had finally decided upon the previous weekend.

I would do the trim and the doors in the snow white throughout the week following the holiday. My only excuse for thinking that this was remotely possible was I did not plan on repainting the bathroom or my bedroom since I was happy with the way they looked.

The Action Plan

Once the walls were painted, I would then put my home decor plan into action. I had been living with first-apartment hand-me-downs for too long. It was time to get a new sofa; eliminate the unsightly basic black file cabinet; and replace the desk with one actually intended to hold a computer. I am not going to tell you how many years I have intended replacing the mismatched dining chairs, but just never seemed to get around to it. There were other interior decorating related things I wanted to do. The changes I had in mind would hopefully make the space seem a little more sophisticated, but welcoming at the same time.

No More New Year’s Resolutions

Needless to say that I did not finish painting my apartment (by myself) in two weekends. Most of the dining room and living room furniture did not get shifted back into place until mid-December. While visiting with family and friends and contemplating returning to a “less-than” living space, albeit one with newly painted walls, as we headed toward January 1st, 2011, it occurred to me that resolutions, if past years were an indicator, weren’t really working for me.

Life is Like That

Instead of resolutions, I wrote down 33 projects, designed to enrich my life, in my journal in my neatly fluid handwriting. Since this is mid-June and I have yet to begin even one, projects seem to be working for me as well as resolutions did.


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