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A Suitable Home for a Wine Rack

In my apartment building, there is the happy tradition of “recycling” items no longer wanted by the owner by leaving them in the laundry room for someone to adopt. Ever since I rescued the 9-bottle wine rack from its orphan status, I have been trying to find a suitable home for it

Wine Rack Just Wouldn’t Fit

When I bought red wine I never really had a good place to store it. Made of wood with a dark finish, just like most of my furniture, I guess as wine racks go, it’s pretty simple in both style and design. So the orphaned wine rack provided a great storage solution while blending in with my décor.

I wanted to show it off, but no matter where I tried to put it, it just didn’t seem to want to fit. The most logical place for it to go was the space above the kitchen cabinets on the side opposite the stove. Of course, the wine rack was a shade too tall. I then attempted to put it somewhere in the dining room – that didn’t work either. Because it was counter-height, sitting it on the floor made it appear dwarfed by whatever was standing next to it, while sitting it on top of the china cabinet made it look too tall. It ended up on the shelf above the coat rack in the hallway closet.

At Home in the Bookcase

I wasn’t happy, because it was hidden away. From time to time, I would wander around the apartment with the wine rack, emptied of its companions, dangling from the fingertips of my left hand, as I shifted things around in a desultory fashion, only to move them back again to their original spots. I did that today, taking a break from sitting at the computer too long. For some reason, I sat the wine rack down in front of the bookcase up against the freestanding wall that separates the view of the kitchen from the living room. It was just slightly too tall, but unlike the space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets, this was an easy fix. All I had to do was move the shelves up one notch each and rearrange the books on the bottom shelf to accommodate the wine rack.

Life is Like That

I like the way it looks in the bookcase, bracketed by my collection of oversized volumes that can’t be housed in my regular bookcases. Of course the wine rack will look much better once it’s actually holding wine bottles again. I’m working on that.


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