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Thanks but No Thanks

I’m job hunting, working my way through my list of online job boards like Workopolis. In between one job search site and another, I putter around the apartment tidying up and doing chores. Most days, I have faith in the jobs search process. While it’s not exactly fun, I am content.

The Place I am Right Now

When I network, especially if we had been colleagues in the past, a few people reply “It’s tough looking for work, isn’t it?” Yes, it is not a fun place to be. I used to get annoyed with family and friends who would respond, “Well at least you get a holiday.” But now it just amuses me – I don’t think I’ve ever taken a vacation where I don’t go somewhere because a café latte means skipping a carton milk on the next grocery list. Yes it’s time off, but not really. True, I usually try to take advantage of being able to shop, do errands and go down to the laundry room during regular working hours when these places are less busy. But the bottom line is it’s a full time job looking for a full time job.

The Place I don’t Want To Be

When I was first laid-off, the COO explained that the company could call me back anytime within the 13-week period designated by law. After that, if I haven’t found another position, I must be terminated if they have no work for me. When I first heard this, my immediate response (to myself, of course), was “Goodness, I don’t intend to be out of a job for that long!” Yet here I am heading toward the 13 week mark (a little while to go, but still).

Life is Like That

What I find tough is getting what I call a “Thanks but no thanks” email, especially if it’s for a position I can see myself really getting into. These are emails that say (politely, of course) we’ve reviewed your qualifications and will be keeping your resume on file for future consideration, but you won’t be shortlisted and you’re out of luck. Which is exactly what happened earlier today. Maybe it’s time to raid the coffee tin (a.k.a. slush fund) and take a little holiday at the local coffee shop.


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