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Saturday Seawall Serenade

Today I had to get out of the apartment. I should have done a load of laundry; washed the kitchen floor; and finished up some chores I had been putting off from earlier in the week.

Taking Off

You can’t really blame me, after this past nuclear grey Thursday and glum, charcoal sky Friday. Today dawned clear, with a real live sun and a picture perfect blue sky. I simply could not remain indoors. I had coffee  at the Denman & Davie Starbucks where the view of English Bay is breathtaking. While sitting, enjoying both my latte and the view, I got the brilliant idea of heading down to the water and walking home along the beach.

Seeing Sights

The seawall, starting at Coal Harbour and winding through Stanley Park, then into downtown Vancouver, is a popular place for tourists and locals alike to walk. I don’t get out for walks here as much as I should, but when I do, I enjoy myself so much, I wonder why I don’t get out here more often. Because it was warm and sunny, the sand supported row upon row of sunbathers like jagged lines of collapsed dominoes. Dogs waded into the tide to fetch sticks. Toddlers, under watchful eyes, dabbled toes in the water. I wandered until I came to a bench overlooking the place where False Creek flows into English Bay and sat for quite awhile drinking in the sights – cargo ships parked in the bay waiting to check into the port; power boats spewed plumes of water; kayaks bobbed about in the waves; and sail boats glided gracefully under their own steam.

Life is Like That

Eventually I made my way along the seawall to the turnoff that would take me up the hill to where I lived. The vignette, however, that stood out most in my mind was the image of a man playing the guitar while doing park bench leg stretches. He didn’t miss a beat when he changed legs. It wasn’t until I was back in the apartment that it occurred to me what an oddity I witnessed – if he intended on running, what was he going to do with the guitar; if he had no intentions of going for a jog, why was he doing leg stretches?

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